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Free Bike Stuff

free bike stuff

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free bike stuff - Inova 24/7-APG1

Inova 24/7-APG1 24/7 Free Standing 8-Function LED Flashlight, Olive

Inova 24/7-APG1 24/7 Free Standing 8-Function LED Flashlight, Olive

New multi function LED light. Twist on/off controls medium to high brightness red mode distress mode signal mode homing/beacon mode. Made of a high visibility yellow polymer housing. Uses one 123A Lithium cell. Comes with an accessory kit that includes neck lanyard headband wall mounts and a magnetized mount.FEATURES 8 Dial-In Functions:: 1 Low Output White: 2 High Output White: 3 Signal Strobe: 4 S.O.S. Signal: 5 3 Color High Visibility Distress Strobe: 6 2 Color Emergency Beacon: 7 Night Vision Red: 8 Locator Beacon: 9

The Inova 24/7 LED Smart Bright 8-function emergency light offers a new look in handheld lighting that takes functionality and versatility to a higher level. This advanced model truly expands the role of the flashlight.
Armed with multiple light and use modes, owners can take on a dynamic world, selecting and positioning the right light for the situation at hand. And this emergency light is much more than merely stylish. The 24/7 is the result of demanding performance criteria--a perfectly tuned instrument that satisfies strict engineering requirements for light quality, functionality, durability and operation.
Just this one tool has countless uses around the home, at work, or on a jobsite. Because it harnesses advanced LED technology, the microprocessor-controlled 24/7 packs eight steady and signal functions in a package that's less than 3 x 2 inches big. Its LED lamps project light up to 75 feet and offer a two mile signal visibility. The Inova 24/7 features eight lifetime LED bulbs, and the included best-in-class lithium battery powers the 24/7 and provides a +10 year shelf life.
This is a light that's completely at home in extreme environments, because its ultrasonically sealed polymer construction and recessed lamp design make the light as rugged as it is versatile. The Inova 24/7 is water resistant and its compact construction makes it extremely rugged. It can take exposure to temperatures from -20 degrees to +50 degrees Celsius without a thought.
The Inova 24/7 is lighting equipment that is built to last and designed to give you an unparalleled level of control. It activates with one-handed ease by shifting the octagonal dial; out of hand, it attaches to clothing and paraphernalia, to walls and to head gear. Its intelligent design also permits freestanding operation so that anytime, anywhere light is needed, the 24/7 is there.
What's in the Box
24/7 Smartbright emergency light, magnetic mount, wall mount, headband, and neck lanyard.

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winter bike

winter bike

After a front fork failure on the Ross winter bike. Time to bring out the next frame in waiting, AKA someone else's garbage. Schwinn so far seems to be the best winter bike it has the most clearance between the fenders and tires.

TDF 1998

TDF 1998

Free handouts from 1998 Tour de France, from the stage that went through Cork, Ireland.

free bike stuff

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